Dr.Nial S. Peterson DDS Welcomes You

Truly caring about people and patients.


Our purpose is to provide the highest quality dental care for our patients. Only through excellence in dentistry and quality relationships can we make a positive contribution to the oral health, happiness, and self-esteem of those around us. Dr.Peterson is committed to a process necessary to grow and maintain the quality of his practice and patient services.


The employment of the highest caliber people is of utmost importance to our purpose. They must always be willing to strive to improve technical skills, interpersonal communications, and team interactions. These are people who are excited about what they are doing; are motivated to achieve results; and have high standards of quality and integrity.


We will strive to attract patients who value excellent dental care. Through our guidance, they will accept responsibility for their own oral health. They will understand that only through quality care can they achieve their goals.


We shall maintain a productive and profitable practice. Only when this is achieved can we continue to serve those whose confidence we have achieved. We will have high standards of orderliness, accuracy, and timeliness of all administrative procedures. We will have continuous and unrelenting attention to optimized scheduling.


Pursuit of excellence in patient care is mandatory. Continuing education, refinement of skills, and providing only the very best possible is our goal. We view the attainment of excellence as a journey requiring constant growth and openness to change. 


The practice will provide support, feedback, and leadership to promote growth and long-term commitment from each employee. Our standards will always be set high so that our employees can strive for new levels of expertise and self-esteem. They will be encouraged to reach new heights. We will strive to make our employees happy with their jobs and attempt to help them end each day feeling like a winner.