A Letter From Dr.Nial


Dear Friend,

If you are looking for a small, friendly dental office providing top quality,
cutting edge dental care, then welcome aboard!
In this age of large clinics and mass produced health care, we think you will find our approach unique and worthwhile. No pressure, no gimmicks – just straight forward, honest dental care for you and your family.My team and I have a combined experience of over 70 years in the dental field. We are a small practice by design so that we can provide you with more personalized care. When you call, you will speak to the same person every time. At your appointment you will see the same hygienist, the same assistant, and the same doctor every time.We treat only one patient at a time, and spend as much time as you need at each appointment to insure your comfort and the quality of treatment provided. We do not run from room to room seeing multiple patients at a time, as we do not believe that a quality dental experience
can be mass produced.


With Care, 


Dr. Nial S. Peterson D.D.S.


Benefits We Offer



Dr. Peterson has been in practice since 1984, and has trained at some of the finest teaching institutions in the country.




We place a strong emphasis on continuing education, and are constantly upgrading our materials, techniques, and equipment. We use only the best labs and materials.





We feature a small, friendly, highly experienced, and highly trained team committed to making your experiences in our office as comfortable as possible.





We make every effort to make sure you are comfortable during treatment. We use our special numbing gel to make sure injections are painless.



Comprehensive Care


Many patients come to us thinking that dental health is just about teeth. And many patients come to us wondering why they seem to have one dental problem after another.
They wonder why their teeth keep decaying, breaking, wearing down, and falling out. It is because they have never been shown the power of comprehensive care.
Optimal dental health is about much more than teeth. It is also about the complex interrelationship between the teeth, the gum tissues, the jaw bones, the bite, chewing muscles, nerves, lip support, facial esthetics, and the jaw joints.
Dr. Peterson has trained extensively in dealing with all aspects of your oral health should you be interested in pursuing optimal dental health.



Health Centered


There is a definite link between the health of your mouth and the health of the rest of your body. We are on the leading edge when it comes to approaching dentistry from a whole body perspective.





Many dental procedures are covered under medical and/or dental policies. Some may have benefits for the entire fee, while others may only pay a portion of the fee. Please read your entire policy to be sure that you are  fully aware of any limitations in your coverage.
 It is important that you advise us of all dental insurances from which you can receive benefits so that benefits can be coordinated properly by your insurance  company.
 Your claim(s) will be sent directly to your insurance carrier within two business days following your appointment.





Because we have a small, highly trained team, very efficient systems, and a very nice but not overly extravagant or large facility, we are able to offer top quality dentistry at very reasonable fees. Payment arrangements are made with you or the responsible party, regardless of insurance coverage. If needed, a payment plan can be arranged at your first appointment. Please do not hesitate to discuss fees with the doctor and staff.